Front Door Refinishing in Encinitas, CA

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Front Door Refinishing in Encinitas, CA

Front doors are a little like kitchen cabinets: some folks love the painted look, and others love the classic charm of a well-applied finish. Look no further than social media! The two schools of thought show up with force when it comes to cabinet painting photos especially.

Where do we stand? Well, we believe it’s every homeowner’s personal choice, and we stand by what you decide. And, we offer both high-end cabinet painting and refinishing services, so we can make your vision a reality either way. The same goes for refinishing wooden doors.

Sometimes, however, a surface just begs for a specific look. And in the case of this Encinitas front door, we had the privilege of turning back the clock to create a gorgeous, timeless style.

Stripping and Refinishing a Front Door

When we arrived, we found a teal door. A very, very teal door.

While we could understand the intent behind the style (and it is a popular one these days), this specific door certainly lined up more with a traditional finish choice. And so, we got to work.

After carefully prepping the work site, we stripped away the old paint, then built a new finish. Achieving this kind of end result takes time, perseverance, and many, many finish coats. 

It’s so worth it though, isn’t it?

front door refinishing in Encinitas, San Diego

How Do You Pick the Right Paint or Stain for Your Home?

Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind:

  • Consider your home’s age. Most often, older homes tend to pair better with more traditional colors and styles.
  • Consider your home’s architectural style. Most construction designs pair with a specific look, helping you to make the right choice for your property.
  • Review the color choices in your neighborhood. Homes within a neighborhood often share similar characteristics, and there’s nothing wrong with scouting out what others have painted (or not painted) to gain inspiration for your own home. 
  • Talk to a professional painting company! The chances are good that they won’t just offer the actual painting or staining services, but also can connect you with a professional color and design consultation.

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