How Long Should My Exterior Paint Last?

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How Long Should My Exterior Paint Last?

A few weeks ago, we discussed several reasons why exterior paint can fail prematurely. This week, we would like to discuss how long you should expect it to last!

The San Diego area is known for it’s sunny weather. Hot sun, high humidity and sometimes powerful storms with gusting winds off the ocean. Your exterior house paint is the first line of defense to keep your home protected from the elements. 

How long should it last? The short answer is anywhere between 5-8 years, but there are a variety of factors that will increase, or decrease, the longevity of your paint.

Protect Your Investment

Your exterior house painting is an investment. Here are several ways to keep your home looking it’s best for many years. 

Premium quality paint: We always use premium quality paint. Although it costs more up front, over the years, the value of premium paint becomes evident. High quality ingredients provide:

  • better bonding

  • better color retention 

  • strong resistance to weather. 

Multiple coats of paint: Two coats of paint provides better protection against the weather and it will cover more evenly. Again, although the up-front costs may be a little higher, it will still cost less than having to repaint your entire home after just a few short years. 

Careful surface preparation: This first step is crucial! Proper surface preparation will increase the performance of your paint. Look for a contractor who cleans the surface from contaminants and failing paint. Repairing and replacing damaged surfaces comes next. And last, priming the surface. Combined, this process provides the best conditions for your paint to bond. 

Proper Maintenance: Annual maintenance is a crucial part of the ongoing process. A small amount of annual maintenance will help extend the life of your paint. This includes:

  • Washing the siding

  • Trimming shrubbery to allow for airflow on siding

  • Re-caulking the windows and doors

  • Touch up painting.

Hire San Diego’s Painter of Choice!

When it comes time to repaint your home, you will want that paint job to last as long as possible! Chism Brothers Painting has been honored to be San Diego’s painter of choice for over 30 years. Beyond exterior painting, we also offer a full range of interior painting services, cabinet refinishing, deck staining and maintenance, historic restoration, and much more. 

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