How To Save Money On Any Paint Job

Let's face it, it is hard to find a contractor to touch a small job. The only time you will find someone who will work for you to do a small project is if the company is slow. The problem is if he or she finds a bigger job, your project becomes low priority. A quality service company loves small jobs. It is an opportunity to prove why they are the best in their line of work. If they perform well and do their job with a smile, you will most likely hire them again. Right?

We have been thinking about how to save our clients money when it comes to painting their homes. The answer is twofold. 1) A homeowner needs to have the home properly prepped and painted by a quality contractor before we can provide the money saving tip. Once the home has been completely painted, it should normally last 6-8 years before it will need a complete paint job. 2) This is where Chism Brothers Painting comes in to help you plan and save. What typically happens when a home is painted completely is you the homeowner get busy with life and your contractor does not follow up reminding you when it is time for a complete repaint. When you finally have the time to call a painter, the home can sometimes require a lot of preparation instead of a coat of paint. What we like to do with our clients is put them on a maintenance plan where we remind you when it is time for an inspection and the basic touch-ups or repaints. If a quality company repaints select areas of your home every 1-3 years instead of a complete repaint every 10 years, your home will always look new and will be protected from termites, peeling paint and dry-rot. Plus a home is a lot easier to paint and less expensive when there is no major prep to do such as sanding and removing loose/flaky paint.

Let me give you an example of how we helped save a client a lot of money. Our office received a call from a client who wanted an estimate to repaint the entire exterior of her home. She has a newer track home, about 6 years old. The wood work on the south and west sides were showing signs of fading and the stucco had some staining and dirt marks around the whole home. I went out to look at the home and suggested she only paint 1-2 sides of the exposed wood areas if she wanted to save money. I also recommended a very expensive but high quality exterior paint, which would help prolong the life of the paint. For less than $1,200, we were able to pressure-clean her entire home and paint the faded woodwork only on the sun-exposed areas. The entire home (top-to bottom) would have cost around $8,500 and would need to be redone every 6-8 years. By using a top quality paint and ONLY painting the sun exposed areas (south and west), she can carefully budget close to $600 or less per year to keep her home looking great! As you can see, $600 a year would equal $4,800 in 8 years. By having us inspect and touch up areas before they need major filling and sanding, she will never have a concern on her home.

So, let a quality service company, who loves doing small jobs, help keep your exterior or interior always looking the best in the neighborhood!

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