Prepping Your San Diego Home BEFORE Painting:  Why It’s SO Important

Undertaking the complete exterior painting of your home is no small task. From initial color choice to hours spent on materials and labor, the investment is significant. Make your investment last by ensuring proper preparation before you ever see that first glimpse of a new color. It’s true that painting is 80 percent preparation. Here’s why that matters to you.

Paint Adheres Better to Prepped Surfaces

Every home exterior requires preparation. Some newer homes just need simple preparation such as removing dirt, debris, leaves and insect larvae. Older homes, or those closer to the water or major thoroughfares, may be subject to a bit more weathering. Peeling paint, cracked stucco and water damage must all be addressed before painting begins to ensure that your new paint looks good going on, and stays that way. Preparation is the foundation of good painting.

Priming is Part of Preparation

Once the surface is clean and any damage repaired, a good primer is the next step. Priming before painting means your walls are not only protected, but the color is truer and deeper. Priming helps to prevent the old color, or darker patches due to things like knots in the woodgrain, from bleeding through to the new surface.

Surface Preparation is an Art; Quality Craftsman are Masters

Preparation for the novice is easier said than done. Enlisting quality craftsmen to get the job done right the first time is a worthwhile investment. Not only do they have the tools in hand to complete the job, they bring years of experience to help to make the job move quicker. A repair that may require a homeowner to google possible solutions is just part of the job for a professional who spends every day honing their skills.

Consider Professional Preparation & Painting a Guaranteed Investment

Your home is most likely one of your biggest life purchases. Like any other investment, it’s essential to give it the proper care and maintenance to flourish. While doing everything yourself may seem cost effective at face value, once you consider the time investment, the learning curve and the materials cost, your perspective may change. Working with a quality professional is an investment backed by skilled craftspeople, using quality, commercial-grade materials, and backed by a guarantee. And that’s an investment you’ll enjoy every day when you walk through your front door.

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