Should I Paint My Fireplace? Interior Brick Painting in La Jolla

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When it comes to fireplace painting, what you choose to do is largely up to you. While there are some benefits to adding a protective coating of paint to your fireplace, most homeowners opt for brick painting as a style choice. Before you commit, keep in mind that once you go with painted bricks, you can’t go back. But when the job is done right, you won’t want to!

Brightening Up Your Living Space With a Painted Fireplace

In many modern homes, white paint is becoming a popular style choice. In kitchens, homeowners are opting for white cabinets and backsplashes to provide a seamless look with their white appliances. The result is a clean, unbroken effect with few jarring color choices to distract the eye.

The same can be said for living room spaces. A current trend among homeowners is to keep colors light, contrasting with darker wood floors and rugs.

At a recent interior painting project in La Jolla, the homeowners had a freshly installed brick chimney in their living room. They were looking to soften out the appearance of rugged brick in order to match the sleek white color focus of the room.

5 Step Brick Painting for a La Jolla Home

  1. Because the brick was still new, we allowed it a week to cure and harden before applying any paint. This ensured that any trapped moisture had a chance to evaporate.
  2. In order to get the right coverage, we laid out a sampler of brick so we could apply paint in different thicknesses. This helped us achieve the whitewashed, veneer look the homeowner wanted.
  3. We taped off the mantlepiece and fireplace opening to ensure complete protection from drips.
  4. In order to fill every crack in the rough brick and mortar surface, we had to apply a thin layer of paint with multiple detail passes. This took some strategic work! If the paint was applied too thickly in places, it would have been very obvious.
  5. To achieve the perfect textured look, we followed each paint pass with a cloth to absorb the excess paint. This helped us achieve the perfect whitewashed look.

Need Professional Fireplace Painting in the San Diego Area?

Painting your fireplace is no simple task, but it can be incredibly rewarding! It certainly pays to hire professionals to get the job done right.

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