Stucco Repair and Creative Exterior Painting in Mission Hills

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At Chism Brothers Painting, we’re always up for a challenge. Whether it involves repairs, painting, or both, we enjoy the opportunity to let our expertise shine!

A recent project in Mission Hills involved two of our specialties: surface repair and creative exterior painting. Let’s take a look at each in a little more detail, and talk about how we helped to make a difference.

Establishing a Solid Stucco Surface Before Painting

Besides being a great material for insulating against the heat, stucco makes for a sturdy exterior. It acts as a solid shell for your home, but because of the concrete materials that comprise it, there are quite a few factors that can lead to its wear and tear.

In particular, the rainy seasons can take a toll on stucco exteriors, getting into crevices and weakening the material over time. There’s also room for human error in both the mixing and application of stucco. In short, if your home has stucco siding, it pays to keep an expert eye on it!

This home required some extensive stucco patchwork to bring the surface to a workable condition. Once the repairs were complete, dried, and hardened, we set to work on some specialized painting.

Two-Tone Exterior Wood Painting

Two-tone painting involves using different colors to paint different surfaces. It’s often seen in interiors, usually for trim or divided walls. When it’s done well, two-tone painting incorporates more color into the room than a single accent wall would. It’s a subtle and attractive way for multiple colors of the same family to brighten up a space. Check out this gallery for some great examples of two-tone interiors!

When it comes to exteriors, two-tone painting is a creative way to bring contrast into the picture. For this project, we painted the window frames one color, and the wood bands another (look closely, it’s dark blue on gray!). We did the same for the rafter tails that hang beneath the eaves, tying together a great color scheme of light earth tones and strong, dark colors.

Siding Repair and Painting Experts in San Diego

If your home is like most in this area, you’ll probably find yourself in need of stucco repairs and exterior painting at some point. While you shop around, check out some other exterior projects we’ve done for homeowners like you. You might just find that Chism Brothers Painting is the team you’ve been looking for!

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