Transforming a Stained Exterior in La Jolla

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We recently had the opportunity to transform a unique home in La Jolla. The exterior was simply stained and varnished and, while this sort of rustic styling works for some homes, it left this one looking a little rough and unfinished. The project called for exterior painting that was true to the styling, but would protect it effectively while dressing it up a bit more.

Custom-Matched Exterior Paint and Fresh Style

First, we sanded everything to create a receptive surface for the new paint, including siding, windows, and doors. This kind of surface preparation is always an important step, but especially so when painting over an existing stain/varnish.

We chose Behr Ultra, custom-matched in satin for the doors, fascia, and windows, and flat for the siding and eaves. This is not only a quality paint, but it also is self-priming. Because of that, we were able to effectively cover all the surfaces with two coats.

What do you think of how it turned out?

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