When Should You Choose Paint Colors During Your Kitchen Remodel?

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We recently had the privilege of helping a client in La Jolla with a kitchen painting project. In fact, an entire remodel was underway, making our services just one exciting piece of the whole transformative process.

As you can see in the photos above, we primed, sealed, and painted the walls and ceilings throughout the kitchen and the attractive breakfast nook. If you take a closer look, you’ll notice that the ceiling over the breakfast area is a different color as well, creating an attractive, subtle contrast, and a feeling of space and altitude.

While remodeling a kitchen, painting in the final stages makes sense, especially as new cabinetry will have been installed. Some elements are best left until after the painting process, but in most cases you’ll want to minimize the risk of damaging the fresh surfaces.

Picking a Paint Color During a Kitchen Remodel

We recommend choosing the paint color last during a kitchen remodel. Why? Well, paint is a lot easier to change than, say, countertops or cabinets. It’s best to commit to your fixed colors first, finding the patterns, materials, and style that you love, and then picking a paint color that supports those choices later.

In fact, some clients use the materials in their kitchen as inspiration for their walls, drawing colors out and matching them. That can be a fun way to find something new that you know will coordinate perfectly.

Talk To Your Local Painter for Color Selection Ideas

The best choice you can make during your remodel or interior painting update is to find an experienced painter you can trust. If you live here in San Diego, be sure to give us a call at Chism Brothers Painting! It would be our pleasure to help you make the best creative decisions possible for your home, whether you’re completing a renovation or are simply ready for a change.

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