4-Step Chimney Painting in La Jolla

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We were recently called to do some exterior painting at a home in La Jolla. Part of the project involved painting a portion of the chimney. When we saw it, we knew it needed more than a coverup paint job. Over the course of the project, we repaired the area back into a healthy surface before painting it.

Reasons Why Keeping Your Chimney Healthy is So Important

We often encounter projects where surfaces need more than just a paint coating. When it comes to chimneys, it’s important to maintain a healthy exterior to prevent more serious damage.

With damaged chimneys, there is the potential for issues like pest infestation, or erosion that can weaken the chimney structure. In this case, the stone surface of this section of chimney had become damaged to the point that the bare concrete beneath was exposed. If left that way, water would continue accumulating and eating away at the concrete. The way we handled this was to resurface the entire area before applying protective coats.

Step-by-Step Chimney Repair

  • The first step was to scrape away all the loose stone and debris. (photo 1)
  • After the large, loose materials were removed, we set to work removing any dust that would prevent paint from adhering. The surface had to be brushed free of debris and wiped down with water. (photo 2)
  • Next, we set to work on patching. We chose a cement-based product that matched the texture of the rest of the chimney. We spread it over the chipped edge to ensure it sealed fully. (photo 3)
  • The fourth step was aesthetics. We primed the entire section of the chimney, then coated it all with a clean gray paint. (photo 4)

Do You Need Chimney Painting Services?

If you’ve noticed some minor damage on your chimney, don’t hesitate to call your local painting experts! At Chism Brothers Painting, we’ll get things done the right way.

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