Preserving Your Classic Home:  Wood Restoration & Surface Repair

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Preserving Your Classic Home:  Wood Restoration & Surface Repair

Preserving your classic home requires a little extra attention to detail.  Unlike more modern homes, it isn’t necessarily a question of swapping out an old part for a new one.  Preservation requires the skill of a craftsperson well-versed in vintage materials, and mindful of conservation protocols.  Here’s a few things to consider when it’s time to freshen up your classic California home.

Wood Restoration is Custom Work

There is no cookie-cutter wood restoration.  Once time and the elements have intervened, each component must be dealt with individually to ensure a perfect end-match.  Work with a professional familiar not only with the original material, but also with the repair material and how the two will blend.  The resulting repair should be seamless and undetectable to the layman’s eye.  The combination of experience and skill are what makes the restoration possible.

A good woodworker won’t hesitate to create his/her own customized template to do the job right.  These are also the folks with the best contacts to secure the proper materials to recreate your original woodwork.  Painting doesn’t start with a paint brush; it begins with careful evaluation and preparation.  Any good professional will tell you that painting is 80% preparation.  A quality job begins with a strong, clean foundation.

Surface Repair Before Paint

It sounds obvious, but skipping over surface preparation results in a sub-par product that won’t last nearly as long.  While as homeowners we’re anxious to see the application of paint, it’s important to remember that the preparation time is where the real magic happens.  A painting professional will make certain the surface is clean, dry and in good repair.  A preliminary inspection will give you, as the homeowner, a good idea of what repairs need to be made prior to paint application.  Factors to consider include moisture damage, insect problems and previous stop-gap repairs made along the way that might need to be reworked to get your home up to current standards.

Beauty Prepared & Painted to Last

The winning combination of specialized preparation coupled with experienced, skilled painters results in a classically beautiful home that’s destined to stay that way for years to come.  It just takes a little teamwork to get started.

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