Why Paint Quality Matters

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If you don’t begin with the right tools for the job, the end result will never meet your expectations.  And that’s true of paint as well.  Bargain paint, even applied by a professional painter, is no bargain long-term.  Quality applies to both paint and professional, and you need both.  Here’s why it's important to use quality paint:

Quality Paint is Long Lasting

Quality paint from a trusted source such as Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams has been shown to stand the test of time.  These paint manufacturers invest time and energy into creating products that are both beautiful and durable.  These professional grade paints, applied by quality craftsman, are designed to perform in a variety of environmental conditions, both inside and out.  Both manufacturers and professional painters stand behind these products, providing experienced workmanship and warranties on painting products.

Quality Paint Meets Safety Guidelines

Before any painting begins in your home, you’ll want to make certain that the products used are in compliance with current California law.  Professional painting contractors are part of your local community.  They work and live in the same space, and they want to keep our environment clean and safe.  Ask your painting contractor about the products they use.  In addition to their experience, ask about their certifications and licenses.  A painting professional can offer you a broad range of choices, finishes and colors.  Even more important, you’ll be able to choose paint from a manufacturer that has been tested and certified safe.  For everyone.

Quality Paint is Beautiful

They say the proof is in the pudding, but in reality, the proof is in the paint bucket.  Quality paint has a smooth, substantial, fluid feel.  Applied by a painting craftsperson, it’s not too thin, nor too thick.  The color is true and consistent throughout.  Quality paint leads to a quality finish that will not only meet your expectations, but, in the proper hands, it will exceed expectations.  Find out for yourself.  Experience what quality teamwork is all about! 

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