San Diego Historic Home Restorations: One Heirloom at a Time

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San Diego Historic Home Restorations: One Heirloom at a Time

One-of-a-kind historic homes require one-of-a-kind care.  Before embarking on a restoration of your historic home, learn a little more about the fine craftsmanship essential to breathe new life into a vintage home.  Take a drive through the South Park neighborhood and see some of the most stunning and accurately restored homes in the San Diego area.  

Restore and Repaint Are Apples to Oranges

Historic home restoration involves a little detective work.  In order to bring your home back to its original glory, you’ll need to research details that make a difference in the end result.  What colors and finishes were used when my home was constructed?  Is there evidence of lead paint?  How do I find someone to do EPA Certified safe removal? What interim changes have been made, and how do I find the original under all these layers?  Before any work begins, a careful inspection of the property by someone knowledgable in historic restoration is your first step in the right direction.

Like a detective, a skilled professional can use deductive reasoning, coupled with local knowledge and experience, to discover the history of your home.  Once you know what you have, and what you’ll need to do, you can decide how to proceed.  Would you like to change your home’s appearance with a simple repainting, or would you like to see it restored to its original state?  

Adherence to Historic Code Regulations

If your home is located in a designated historic corridor or district, you may be required to adhere to a set list of requirements ranging from color choice to architectural style.  Securing a qualified painter can make the process far more pleasurable as they’re likely to be familiar with regulations regarding historic restorations.

Restoration from the Inside Out

Along with authentic color choices and attention to detail, restoration of these classically beautiful homes begins on the inside.  These homes were built long before big box retailers, and craftspeople will rely on their plastering and woodworking skills inside as well.  A true craftsperson has an eye for detail, from the smallest dovetailed joint to period-specific hardware to finish the job.  They may not build them like they used to, but a skilled restoration bridges the gap between centuries and brings all the charm and craftsmanship of the past into modern times for new generations to share and preserve.

Diamond in the Rough, or Grand Dame Needing a Gentle Touch?

Once you’ve invested in a historic home, it’s worthwhile to go the extra mile and preserve some of our American history.  San Diego is blessed with so many examples of a bygone era.  Bungalows. Frank Lloyd Wright (Prairie School). Mission. Spanish. Colonial. Victorian.  Art Deco.  Each comes with its own personality and quirks.  Its own history.  If you’d like to preserve history and leave a legacy of your own, work with a professional that will someday make your grandchildren’s children proud. 

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