Refinishing Exterior Wood in La Jolla - Adding Beauty and Protection!

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When it comes to exterior maintenance, painting tends to steal the show.

It’s understandable! Weathered paint demands attention a little more loudly than most other surfaces, and the transformations are particularly rewarding.

It’s important to remember, however, that the stain on your finished exterior surfaces needs TLC as well, and routine care can save you from a host of troubles.

Let’s look at this La Jolla home as an example.

Stripping and Staining Wood in La Jolla

In the slideshow above, take a look at the first few photos. The dry, greying wood is begging for attention.

Not only is this unsightly, but you’re also opening the door to several problems:

  • UV Damage - Stain provides protection from relentless sun-induced damage and decay, much like sunblock for your home.
  • Moisture Intrusion - Wood rot is on its way! Stain seals out moisture that otherwise is happy to move in and cultivate a fresh crop of fungus.
  • Pests - Did you know that paint and stain both help repel pests? If that’s not a practical benefit we don’t know what is.
  • Shortened Lifespan - Wood that is protected, cleaned, and cared for simply lasts longer. Over the years, this translates to tangible dollars saved.

One of our craftsmen did a phenomenal job restoring these wood surfaces, first by stripping what was left of the old finish, then applying a natural stain from Cetol. This formula dries quickly, provides powerful UV and moisture protection, and also offers a mildew-resistant finish.

And, of course, it looks fantastic!

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