Water Damage Repair and Painting in a La Jolla Bathroom

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The key to any enduring, quality paint job is investing time in surface preparation. Whether interior or exterior, if the surface you’re painting isn’t healthy, strong, and receptive to the product you’re applying, you’re building on a faulty foundation and compromising the value and integrity of your work.

Sometimes this level of surface prep is pretty basic, including light patching (filling nail holes or other surface blemishes), sanding, cleaning, and priming.

Other times, however, a little more in-depth craftsmanship is called for. This is when the value of hiring a professional painter with real skill, experience, and integrity is especially crucial. As an example, let’s take a closer look at this interior repair and painting process we completed in La Jolla.

Bathroom Water Damage Repair and Painting

Our client contacted us when it became apparent that water leaking in from the exterior was finding its way into the bathroom. This can cause a host of issues, and needs to be proactively addressed.

Here are the steps we took to repair the damage:

  • Ensured that the root of the problem was repaired, otherwise our interior work would only be a temporary solution
  • We removed the damaged drywall
  • Cleaned the site thoroughly with a bleach solution to kill any mold spores
  • Thoroughly patched and repaired the wall
  • Painted, putting the finishing touches on a better-than-new surface

Be sure to click through the slideshow above to see the progression of the work our talented team member did.

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