Garage Door Painting in San Diego - Which Color Should You Choose?

 Garage Door Painting in San Diego - Which Color Should You Choose?
 Garage Door Painting in San Diego - Which Color Should You Choose?
 Garage Door Painting in San Diego - Which Color Should You Choose?

When “curb appeal” enters the conversation, it’s natural to look for the highest-value projects, repairs, and updates, right?

Wood rot needs to be fixed/replaced, wood needs to be refinished, and tired surfaces need to be prepped and painted well. Power washing can refresh a deck, patio, or poolside haven, and a little landscaping can quickly make a home look orderly and loved.

Here’s another way that more and more homeowners are maximizing their curb appeal: painting garage doors. This is valuable real estate on your home! Whether you revitalize an existing color or step out of your comfort zone to try something new, this is a relatively quick way to drastically improve and customize your curbside style.

Need a Few Examples of Painted Garage Doors in San Diego?

Well, you can start by clicking through the slideshow above. One of our veteran craftsmen recently snapped these awesome pictures, capturing what careful prep, priming, and painting can do.

Or, click on over to this project overview of a garage door we painted in Escondido (we talk about oxidation too!).

So, How Do You Pick a Garage Door Color?

Here are a few tips/suggestions to keep in mind:

  • Your first option is to refresh an existing color/finish. A professional painter can easily handle this, and answer any questions along the way.
  • Get inspired online! Resources like put literally endless examples and styles right at your fingertips. Here - we’ll get you started: check out these garage door colors!
  • Focus on your goals. Do you want your garage to stand out, or blend in? If blending in is the goal, you could paint it to match the body color or trim color of your house. If you want it to stand out, try a contrasting color (dark against a lighter house, or light against a darker house). Just remember, if you do want to draw attention to a garage, it needs to be worthy of that attention. Pretty lines, unique elements, flawless condition, and a well-painted surface would make it worth featuring.


Always connect your garage door color with another color on your home’s exterior. It might be your shutters, trim, or front door, but there needs to be a point of connection to avoid a disjointed, or busy, look. You never want colors to be competing for attention!

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